This line of natural shampoos and bodywashes features mild and gentle formulations that harness the relaxing power of:- Organic Lavender - ideal for a bed-time wash- the invigorating essence of Organic Mandarin to uplift and energize– perfect for a morning wash,and the soothing power of Organic Chamomile extract for a calming top to toe wash.

7.37 €

Made of an organic blend of botanicals and specially designed for baby's sensitive skin these rich foam bubble baths feature lovely refreshing scents.

10.18 €

The mild and gentle formulation of our bodylotions was specially designed for baby's wholebody, featuring soothing Organic Chamomile, relaxing Organic Lavander or fresh Organic Mandarin.

9.20 €

Α natural massage oil haς been specially developed to nourish and condition baby's skin

7.37 €
Our gentle Eco Baby Wipes are ideal for baby's sensitive skin as they are unfragranced, alcohol-free, chlorine-free and tested to be hypoallergenic.
5.02 €
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