Κiten Beauty Ophthalmocosmetics/Anti-Aging Eye Drops -1 Box-

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Kiten Beauty OphthalmoCosmetics are the first Anti-Aging eye drops contibuting to a dazzling, healthy & youthful look.

Reccomended for the Moisturizing of Sensitive eyes/Compatible with All Types of Contact Lenses

Suggested for Daily Use - Ophthalmologist Reccomended

1 Kiten Beauty box contains 20 vials

KITEN BEAUTY Ophthalmo-Cosmetics

Kiten Beauty eye drops are the first OphthalmoCosmetics in the world, targeting the ocular signs of aging. The youth formula contained moisturizes eyes and provides antioxidating action against free radicals.

Eyes certainly age and free radicals are the main reason of aging. The first signs of ocular aging (Ophthalmo-Aging) may appear from the age of 30 or in some cases even earlier. 

Eye Aging Signs:
- Dry eye syndrome
- Dull/Tired eyes
- Redness
- Stinging or burning sensation (especially when waking up)
- Difficulty in wearing contact lenses
- Intense eye irritation due to smoke, wind, bright lights
- Fibrus Mucus in or around the eye
- Eye Spider Veins showing up on the cornea
- Blepharitis

Factors accelerating Eye Aging:

- Lifestyle
- Stress
- Contact Lens Use
- Smoke, dust, bright lights
- The use of laptops, smart phones, tv etc.
- Air Conditions (contribute in a dehydrated enviroment)
- Enviromental Conditions: Pollution, sun, dust, high & low temperatures (dehydrate eyes)
- Make Up use
- Lack of Eye Beauty Care

The every day use of Kiten Beauty Ophthalmocosmetics contributes in a radiant healthy and glowing look!

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