About us

Family is nature’s masterpiece, the most valuable surrounding providing safety and support.

It needs dedication and attention as the health of family members is a matter of mutual and daily care.

When a new life comes into the world the joy is great but so is the responsibility…

Your baby is like a precious gift that needs constant love and care. All parents would like to offer their beloved baby the best: the best nutrition, the best treatment and care, the best development…

Healthy Scoop

About Us

In Healthy Scoop we understand very well those feelings.

Healthy Scoop is the online store of KITE Hellas, which operates with constant success in the area of ​​medicine for 25 years. Our daily contact – working with physicians, nurses, midwives, pharmacists e.t.c – with a lot of people, both parents and young people of all ages with various diseases, gave us valuable experience in identifying the needs of the public who seeks quality in health and life. We know very well how much time and effort  is put in by the new parents to shop for their baby, but also how much discomfort and fatigue can bring to the young family everyday problems such as eye, ear, gynecological, skin, muscle and joint problems, etc.. With help and support from health professionals such as doctors and midwives but also friends and new parents, Healthy Scoop created a welcoming and cheerful web site you will not forget. Our experienced and qualified staff will serve you in the best way and is trained to give you gladly information about all our products and valuable advice.

In Healthy Scoop we understand the importance of safety and quality in our products. In Healthy Scoop Healthy we make no compromise on the quality of our products and are constantly looking for international brands with recognized species or products that have won awards.

Our goal is to continuously improve our services and offerings, to provide you the best products at the best price, with the greatest ease and in shorter time. We understand that you have many things to do in the busy everyday life. On the other hand, some health issues cannot wait!

We hope you enjoy this Scoop of Health you will try!

Take care of your Health by discovering real Scoops!

Welcome to Healthy Scoop!