From a passion for tradition, a modern solution for your well-being

Our company, established in the 1980’s from an idea inspired by popular tradition, has always focused its activities on personal well-being and the rediscovery of the remedies of the past, which are natural and perfected with the most advanced techniques.

We have mainly focused on ear health, a small but extraordinary organ that allows us to hear, develop language and interact. It also governs our sense of balance and influences our overall psychophysical state.

By reinterpreting ancient natural care methods in the light of the most modern safety and quality requirements, we have developed our ear hygiene products, the ear cone, ear drops and the ear spray, thus becoming a leading company in the sector.

Our solutions for the natural well-being of the ear are renowned and appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad. In fact, our exports, to more than 30 countries, are continuously increasing.

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