Eyegiene 30 pairs of disposable warmth units


30 pairs of disposable warmth units

Warmth units to be used with Eyegiene Insta- Warmth System

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Invented by an Ophthalmologist to improve the care of patients eyes naturally, EyeGiene® is an advanced solution for improved eye health.

The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System combines a soft mask with disposable warm packs for the application of localized heat therapy to the eyelids treating:

  • Dry eyes
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction
  • Blepharitis, Stye, Chalazia


  • Is Portable, Convenient, Safe, Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Delivers the Right Temperature, for the Right Time
  • Re-establishes and Stabilizes the Tear Film…Naturally

The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System utilizes a unique source of heat, which rapidly produces warmth for up to 10 minutes. In addition to a relaxing sensation, the warmth is known to improve the flow of natural oils in the glands in the eyelids that are critical for normal eyelid and tear film function.


1.  Prior to opening the warming unit pouch, adjust the strap so eye mask fits snugly and comfortably against your eyelids.
2. Take the two warming units out of the sealed foil package and insert one into the right side of the eyemask and the other one into the left side of the eye mask.
3. Find a comfortable position and relax. Place the eye mask over both eyes with eyelids gently closed. For maximum effectiveness, we suggest that you wear the eye mask for at least 8-10 minutes.
4. When finished, discard the warming units. The eye mask can be used mutiple times and hand washable.

NOTE: EyeGiene is a system with the warming units and mask designed to work together. The warming units will reach full temperature in 3 to 5 minutes once placed in the mask.

The Brand

Eyedetec Medical develops innovative and convenient eye health-and-wellness products for consumers.

Eyedetec Medical has developed and patented EyeGiene® to improve the condition of patients with dry eyes and eyelid complaints. No drops, no mess, no prescription.

Founder and ophthalmologist, Barry J. Linder, “During my years in practice, I regularly treated patients who suffered greatly from dry eyes, and there was no convenient, safe way to have them perform warm compresses, which are highly effective. For this reason, I invented the EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth system, a fast, effective, natural way to improve the comfort of patients suffering from the effects and irritation of dry eyes.”

The convenient and easily carried EyeGiene® system applies gentle, therapeutic warmth to the eyelids for up to 10 minutes, at home or when traveling. The relaxing warmth enhances normal eyelid and tear functioning by improving the flow of natural oils from your eyelid’s glands. The resulting durable tear film reduces eye irritation and its accompanying cornea and conjunctiva irritation.

Designed for convenience, comfort, and effectiveness, EyeGiene® offers relief from your dry-eye symptoms.


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