One Drop Only – Mouthwash concentrate


With  10 different NATURAL essential oils of:

Mentha piperita, mentol, eugenia caryophillus, styrax tonkinensis, salvia lavandulaefolia, thymol, thymus vulgaris, malaleuca alternifolia, and eygenol, limonene, linalool

  • For pleasant fresh breath
  • Protects from gum bleeding snd inflammation (gingivitis)
  • Very High yield
  • Fights bad breath and aslo works were the toothbrush does not reach
  • Without colourings and presevatives
  • Clinically tested

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Use: Aleady 1 drop (diluted in 15 ml water) in the morning and at night cares for an effective protection of your entire mouth and throat area. For an more intensive taste mix according to your taste with a corresponding quantity of water. Rinse thoroughly, do not swallow.

The Brand

Manufactured in Germany by One Drop Only, a company taht for over 60 years has been a by word for effective oral care.

The products until now receive many awards and consumer praises.For more click


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