Return Policy

You have the right to return purchased products and ask for a replacement

  1. in all cases where it is proven that Ηealthy Scoop sold wrong products or faulty products of poor quality (wrong in taking the order, the pricing, its mission, damaged during transport, poor packaging, etc. .) and
  2. in all cases where there was a problem / real defect in the product service or quality. The same goes for products that are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

In all these cases, the customer has the choice, either not to receine the product or, as received, return the product within 15 days from the date of delivery.

In each case the products must be returned in perfect condition, in the state they were received from the client, complete and without damage and the product packaging, normally shipped with the product (to match the IMEI) and be in excellent condition. If not returned within 15 days then Healthy Scoop can not accept any return and replacement. In any case, for all these cases the maximum time limit to return for replacement may not extend beyond the twenty (15) calendar days of receipt. Moreover, for all cases, the product for replacement or repair needed to be accompanied by all documents accompanying the product (eg ITT, Ap Retail etc). Before any return is prior consultation with the Shop Healthy Scoop.

In any case the return and replacement is possible under the following conditions:

  • contact the same day or the next working day with the online store
  • the product is not used
  • the product is accompanied by all necessary documents evidencing the transaction (eg ITT, Ap Retail etc)


  • If you received some kind of problem is you can bring / send the product information at our L.Ionias 166, 11144 Athens, where he charged the cost of transportation. If the product shows any manufacturing or quality defects, replace it immediately free
  • If we sent the wrong item, we send you the right and assume all costs of transport, old and new product
  • If you do not, you can change it within 25 days (with the full package), assuming the cost of transportation in our online store