Kandoo Pampers Melon Multipack


All Kandoo products have been skin compatibility clinically tested and proven to be ‘KIND to SKIN’, they have no Parabens or Phenoxyethanol in their formulation. 

  • Moistened With Lotion To Ensure Thorough CleaningFlushable & Biodegradable Cloth
  • Perfect For Little Hands
  • Cleans Better Than Toilet Paper Alone
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Kandoo Wipes are FLUSHABLE as they are manufactured from PLANT BASED CELLULOSE MATERIAL with NO PLASTIC CONTENT, they are dispersible and perishable in water, breaking down to their cellulose based fibres, they do not add plastics into the water environment.

Kandoo wipes have been clinically proven to clean better than toilet paper alone – their smaller format ensures maximum contact with skin without unnecessary material wastage.

So, Kandoo wipes are perfect for children to wipe their bottom’s clean on their own to become ‘A Master of the toilet’, a small but important step on the road to independence


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