Otosan Ear Spray


  •  The Only spray with 100% Organic Plant extracts fot the daily hygiene and cleansing of the ear.
  •  Instead of ear pad.

Bottle of 50 ml

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Natural, non-invasive cleansing

Otosan Spray® with organic plant extracts delivers delicate but effective action for cleaner, healthier ears because it eliminates excess wax from the ear canal and, if used regularly, it prevents wax formation.

Highly effective natural ingredients

Otosan Spray® with organic plant extracts is the result of cutting-edge medical science research. Free from colourings and preservatives, it guarantees maximum levels of tolerance.

Combines the effective cleansing action of saline solution with the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil.

The moisturising action of aloe combines with the other properties of the 100% organically grown plant extracts: lemon with outstanding purifying properties, soothing camomile, the effective anti-inflammatory action of marigold and the emollient power of mallow.


How to use

With your head straight, bring the Otosan Spray® up to the ear so that the spray nozzle is in contact with the ear canal.

Press the spray button a couple of times keeping the spray container upright.

Wait a few minutes to allow Otosan Spray® to do its work. Lean your head over to the side of the treated ear to let the liquid and impurities flow out. Clean and dry the ear gently with a tissue.

Repeat the treatment on the other ear. Rinse the spray nozzle with warm water after each use.

When to use

Otosan Spray® is not the only wax-removing system, however, its preventative action helps keep the ears clean and healthy. We recommend using it once a day.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is produced by the ceruminous and sebaceous glands in the ear canal. Its precise function is to defend and protect the ear canal, constantly lubricating and moistening it to preserve its delicate physiological balance.

The presence of wax in the ear canal helps to prevent the entry of external pollutants and dust.

Normally the wax is propelled toward the outside of the ear by imperceptible skin movements.

Sometimes wax can become a problem. Why is this?

When the sebaceous glands produce too much wax, or when there is insufficient lubrication of the ear canal, the natural cleaning mechanism becomes blocked, making it difficult or impossible for the wax to be expelled from the ear. Following immersion in water, the water makes the wax swell up, blocking the ear canal. This often leads to the formation of a wax “plug”, causing extremely irritating symptoms such as loss of hearing, whistling and buzzing in the ears, pain and even dizziness. In these cases, the use of inappropriate devices, such as cotton buds, to remove the wax should be avoided since this actually risks making the situation worse by compacting the wax deeper down.


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